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laiyongcai92 One week after struggling with Chris Thompson


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the Cardinals face off Authentic Justin Pugh Jersey against Todd Gurley In the first half of the Washington Redskins 24-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals, Washington converted on five of their seven third downs (71%) as well as going 1-for-1 on fourth down.The Cardinals’ inability to make defensive plays led to them trailing 21-0 at half, a game sentence for a team currently lacking an offensive identity. Looking back at Washington’s third down conversions, running back Chris Thompson was the key player that allowed them to extend drives in crucial situations.Chris ThompsonHere’s Thompson’s first catch of the game that converted a third-and-4 situation.Thompson was also responsible for the first points put on the boards. Here, he gets separation by faking a wheel route before breaking outside. It’s third-and-7 on the following drive and Thompson stays in the pocket to pass protect. After the rush passes him by, he gets the shovel pass from quarterback Alex Smith. He still has seven yards to go but manages to get the first down. The scat back also set up Smith’s QB sneak on fourth down after getting three yards on this third-and-4 play.On three different third down situations, Smith checked down to Thompson for what should have been drive enders. Instead, Thompson did what many forgot he excelled at last season — making defenders miss. In 2017, 13 of Thompson’s 39 receptions came on third down, he converted 10 of those into first downs. The Smith to Thompson connection is the ideal match for Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. He has his west coast quarterback who is a quick short distance thrower now paired with a check down weapon that can rack up yards after the catch. Coming into the week, it was unclear how large of a role Thompson would play, making him difficult to prepare for. The Cardinals aren’t going to be up against a great scat back every week http://www.arizonacardinalsteamonline.com/antoine-bethea-jersey , closing in on an open field runner shouldn’t be an issue where opponents can convert on third downs. However, one week after struggling to bring down Thompson in key situations, the Cardinals are facing the best running back in the NFL. Todd GurleyIn Todd Gurley’s two games against the Cardinals last season, he caught 10 passes for 132 yards. If closing in on defenders is an issue, the Cardinals linebackers will be in for another rough week. One play to keep an eye on is the Rams go-to play action backfield screen. Last season Gurley torched the Cardinals for 33 yards on this same play.Just last week, the Rams ran an identical play against the Oakland Raiders for a gain of 17 yards. Gurley also ran routes through the middle of the field in open space in his two games against the Cardinals last season. However, these catches were up against man coverage, making it essentially a foot race between Gurley and the defenders.With the Arizona defense primarily in zone coverage this season, the linebackers could possibly find themselves in a better situation. Being able to keep an eye on the quarterback as well as underneath options should mitigate large gains from backfield routes.After Thompson got the best of them last week, we’ll see how the Cardinals defense handles Gurley and what defensive adjustments head coach Steve Wilks can make to prepare for Sunday’s game.Flags, Picks and Fumbles Do In Cardinals First of all, I am happy that Steve Wilks finally went to Josh Rosen. I and many of you would have started the game today with Rosen—-and before anyone gets carried away with Sam Bradford’s two TDs—-those were easy throws that Rosen could have made and given the fans and his teammates something extra to be excited about.I accept the fact that Rosen is going to struggle at times—-but I also embrace the fact that that his passes come out with better zip and he is the best athlete the Cardinals have at the QB position. I stick by my opinion that had there been a true competition at QB this pre-season Authentic Authentic Ricky Seals-Jones Jersey , Rosen would have won the job. The coaches have babied and coddled these QBs and it is one of the main reasons why the team is 0-3.By virtue of the fact that the Cardinals are paying Sam Bradford over $300,000 a game, and, even more so—-that Bradford under pressure took a horrible sack that prevented 3 points before the half (on the heels of Chandler Jones’ tipped pass and Tre’ Boston’s interception), that under pressure—-he fumbled twice and was intercepted twice on poorly thrown passes that weren’t open to begin with—-it’s time to let Sam go. He looked like he was starting to show some promise today—-until the mind-boggling delay of game penalty early in the 2nd quarter—-and after that—-Bradford was back to being the ineffective, chuck and duck QB he was the past two weeks.Please ask OC Mike McCoy to go with him. Any OC—-with the game on the line—-who would call (on 3rd and 2) a late developing off-tackle play to a rookie RB (a play that always runs the risk of giving up a TFL)—-with David Johnson on the bench—-should no longer deserve the privilege of being one of 32 coaches on the planet to call plays in the NFL.Coach Wilks you are right that the blocking on that play was the problem—-but—-the play call was the bigger problem—-when you’ve got two downs to make two yards you go right at them—-and you go right at them with your All Pro RB. The defense under Wilks and Al Holcomb was undisciplined and penalty-prone—-but they played hard for the most part and today they bended a lot, but only gave up one TD. That’s something to build on. The penalties however are tough to ignore or dismiss. Wilks and Holcomb dialed up an array of pressures that were largely successful and which caused turnovers—-so there is hope on the defensive side of the ball. Plus, the pass coverage was improved today—-again—-which was good to see.The special teams were pretty solid with the huge exception of the Bears’ gunner racing past Jamar Taylor to trip up Christian Kirk right off the catch on a 61 yard punt—-and—-at least in my way of thinking, Christian Kirk is a more dynamic threat at punt returner than Patrick Peterson. Peterson is flashing good leadership on defense, but he lost his nerve on punt returns 5 years ago and with Kirk on the roster, let Peterson stick to what he does best.Sad to see State Farm look and sound (in far too many sections) like it was a domed stadium in Illinois—-in a different State altogether.
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